Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two weeks to Go!

Two weeks to go before the big decision, and I wonder how we will make that decision. I know that campaigns run negative ads, it is the way of the political world. But how negative is TOO negative? And if a campaign is too negative, is that enough to disqualify the candidate from the office they seek? I would say that is up to each individual voter. But for me, the way a candidate runs his or her campaign does impact how I feel about that candidate and my ability to vote for them, at least in part. I do think there is a line that can be crossed, and if crossed exclude that candidate from my ballot.

Another aspect to this election is the choice of running mates. Yes, of course, I am speaking of Sarah Palin. It is hard to fairly compare Gov. Palin with Joe Biden, or either of the Presidential candidates. Yes, we would all like to believe that anyone can be President, but do we want ANYONE to be President? We want everyone to aspire to be their best. We should help our children reach their dreams, with hard work and determination, we should be an inspiration to them. But we should always want the best of the best to be the President, the leader of the free world. We don't want Joe six-pack to be President, no really. So when Sarah Palin is compared with the other candidates, she comes up short, not because of how she looked in her television interviews with Charlie Gibson or Katie Couric, but because her resume is lacking the section called experience.

Is race important? I want to think that it is not. However, I believe that in segments of the country, it is. I believe that when words like "welfare" are used it is used as code to rile the racists in the country. I saddens me to think that race could still be an issue in this country. I hope that people who try to use race to manipulate an election, learn that this country can be so much more as a collective of all races, cultures, and religions than as individual people. It is time to put the divisive times behind us and take back this country. No matter your politics, no matter your religion, no matter your gender, don't forget to VOTE!